Come experience one of the oldest food forests of Rotterdam.

Get lost in all the growing ideas and flourishing ideals.

Discover new tastes en admire al the edible beauties in the forest.

About the Festival

What is a food forest? What grows in a food forest? What are the benefits of a food forest? Is it an alternative for the current ways of food production? Can it provide viable income? How can it contribute to climate adaptation? Can you have a food forest inside of the city? These and loads of other interesting questions will be discussed at the very first Food Forest Festival in the Netherlands!

The Food Forest Festival is an initiative from Coöperatie Ondergrond, organised in co-creation with the Groen Traineeship. Coöperatie Ondergrond is a non-profit cooperative of like-minded entrepreneurs that develop food forests and food forest-like edible green spaces in and around the city.


What is a Food Forest?

Food forests are not new, rather it is a concept that has been in use for centuries. The idea is to mimic a natural forest as much as possible, with one exception: increased food production. This is achieved in part by working with different layers of plants as to create an ecosystem. By doing this it becomes possible to harvest pears, raspberries and edible flowers all from one square meter. As all plants are perennial, harvests continues and increases every year. Everything alive (and dead!) serves a function in the food forest. Bees pollinate flowers, birds eats snails and dead branches or plants return to the food chain by decomposing to soil. Nothing is lost. During extreme weather events, such as heavy rainfall, a healthy soil can absorb and store the excess rainwater. On hot summer days the forest can then use its deep roots to access the water that is needed. Food forest are resilient, require very little human input and capture CO2 all at the same time!

Main Program

The main program will take place in Food Forest “De Overtuin” and is specifically aimed at people who have little to no previous knowledge of food forests. Due to the current situation regarding Corona, we have decided to work with time slots lasting 3 hours and a limited number of small groups. A ticket for the main program includes a guided tour through Food Forest “De Overtuin”, an observation workshop and an elaborate tasting experience with products made from ingredients from the food forest. Besides this, your ticket allows you to visit Trompenburg Tuinen & Arboretum. Outside of your allocated time slot in “De Overtuin” you will be able to freely walk around in the other areas of the arboretum. Here you will also have the possibility to stop and buy a drink or bite to eat.


Check the full program
Extra Activities

Besides the main program in Food Forest “De Overtuin” there will be other activities, such as workshops and tours, throughout Rotterdam! These extra activities require a separate ticket and can be attended regardless of whether you have been to the main program or not. The details are still in development and the full program will be released shortly. Enter your e-mail address below to stay up to date and receive the full program once it’s finished!


The festival on 10 and 11 July of 2021 was a great success and completely sold out! That’s why we are confident new editions will happen in the future.

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    The main program of the festival will take place at Food Forest “De Overtuin”. Check it out on google maps.

    Besides the main program, there will also be multiple workshops and tours at other food forest (garden) locations all across Rotterdam! These locations will be shown on the ticket and on the program as soon as this is ready.

    Public transport
    Food forest the Overtuin is located at a 10 minute walk from metrostation
    Voorschoterlaan or Kralingse Zoom.

    There are parking spots for both your bike and car located at the entrance of Trompenburg Tuinen & Arboretum. From there you can walk to Voedselbos de Overtuin.

    lbos de Overtuin
    Is situated at ‘Groene Wetering’. Check it out on google maps or navigate to:
    Groene Wetering 37, 3062 PB Rotterdam.

    Trompenburg Tuinen & Arboretum *Attention, this is not the location of the festival!
    Honingerdijk 86 (beneden),

    3062 NX, Rotterdam

    To allow as many people as possible to have access to this festival we work with a tiered ticketing system, with different prices based on what you can afford*.

    Tier 1 – Students / low-income


    Tier 2 – Regular**


    Tier 3 – Supporter + compensate a tier 1 ticket**


    Single entrance Ticket Extra Activity


    * We truly believe that the knowledge that we share should be available to everyone, regardless of how much money people have to spend. Please note that for us to be able to financially continue our festival into the future we expect that everyone chooses the appropriate ticket that suits their income or spending capacity.  
    **Do you have a “Rotterdampas” or “Museumjaarkaart”? You will receive €5 discount on a tier 2 or tier 3 ticket. Use the discount code: KORTINGTROMPENBURG when checking out. Please remember to bring your “Rotterdampas” or “Museumjaarkaart” to the festival as it needs to be scanned at the entrance.

    We are working hard to ensure a safe festival. All activities will be done in small group in accordance to the guidelines of the RIVM. We ask all visitors to comply with the corona measures that are in force at the time of their visit.


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    Or contact us via Instagram

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